Invoice Ryan Hellyer

Invoice number: 2017-10

Invoice to: Heavy Inc. Tax id: 13-4085864

For work on

Tax identity number: 16/339/01057
Ryan Hellyer
Friedrichstraße 123
10117 Berlin, Deutschland

Total Due: US$1300

Description Due date Hours Amount
Total amount US$1300
Cleanup based on Lisas input Making changes based on corrections and updates from Lisa, the designer. 2017-07-21 9 US$900
Top bar Addition of the top bar functionality, a late addition to the design. 2017-07-21 4 US$400

Bank details for direct deposit Berliner Sparkasse:
Ryan Hellyer
Account number: 1063737628
IBAN: DE 93 1005 0000 1063737628
Address: Rankestraße 33­34, 10789 Berlin, Deutschland

Invoice is for work conducted during the period May 15th 2017 to June 14th 2017.